wedding bouquetWine for your wedding – It can get complicated but really there’s no need to complicate it. You’ll have enough other things to worry about: Whose fault is it really that Auntie Bridget didn’t get the nod? Who to seat Cousin Jim beside? And just how put out will Margaret be if her darling 2 and 4 year olds aren’t asked to be flower girls? We provide your wedding wines on a sale-or-return basis, with free delivery to anywhere in Ireland, and we also offer a free glass hire service. Discounts always apply to multi-case orders, so please do get in touch with whatever query you may have.

There are a few things to take into account, here’s a starter list of FAQs:

How much?

corks and corkscrewFirst decide if you’ll be offering your guests options other than wine – for example, how many would drink beer if it was there?
You’ll get about 5 glasses per bottle and most people over-estimate how much their guests will drink (but don’t worry, we do sale or return on all wedding wines). There will be drivers who won’t be drinking at all, older relatives who might sip the one glass all night, and then if you’re serving beer as well there will be those who’ll very quickly switch to this once the first toast has been made, maybe even before. If you’re kicking off with something sparkling then remember to include that in your overall figure. With a glass of sparkling as the introduction, we’d suggest on average half a bottle of wine per person. Your internal wedding wine calculator is probably a little surprised at this, but don’t forget this is an average serving.

If you’re only offering sparkling on arrival and the red and white wines are for the meal only, allow half a bottle per head 50/50 split.
If you’re offering red and white wines before the meal too then work off two thirds white, one third red and you’d need about 2 glasses per person, working off 5 glasses per bottle.

Champagne, Prosecco or Cava?

Champagne brideSo that sparkling; we’ve been to a few weddings between us here at Searsons, and our feeling would be it’s always better to begin with something a little lower in alcohol if at all possible, and we have some great Prosecco at 11% and under, that said we do love a glass of Champagne.

Allow 2-3 glasses per person working off 5-6 glasses per bottle.

The lower alcohol option: Villa Arfanta (only 10.5% abv) other Prosecco suggestions, including vegan and organic, can be found here.
The Cava: Villa Conchi (11.5%)
Blowing the budget: Henriot, browse the range here (IWSC Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year, 2015 and 2016).

Wine for the meal?

wedding tableWhat to serve next? While it does depend on the meal you’re serving, overall you’re no doubt looking for a presentable crowd pleaser. So without having your menu to hand we’d suggest the following (and don’t forget to check if your venue will be charging corkage, this will add to the overall cost and shouldn’t be overlooked; it can result in a not very nice surprise on receipt of the bill. If you are holding the reception in your own home, or hiring another venue, we also provide a free glass-hire service and can arrange delivery of both your glasses and your wine free of charge anywhere within Ireland).

As a suggestion, the French pair: Haut Marin (white) & Château l’Esparrou Bisconte are great pouring wines, and a Spanish couple such as Casa Carmela red and white work very well together too.

More red or more white?

While people tend to drink white before a meal, and seem to prefer white in warmer weather, if you are serving red meat, then more will tend to opt for a glass of red to go with that. But please remember, we do often sale or return and would advise you to take that extra case or two, just to put your mind at rest.

wedding glassesGlasses?

And the glasses themselves; as we’ve mentioned here we have a free glass-hire service, flutes as well as the standard wine glass. The style of glass to serve your sparkling wine in is entirely up to you. While there’s a lot of talk about whether or not the flute is the best option for sparkling wine, many connoisseurs reckon you can’t swirl effectively with a flute and that bubbles disappear too quickly with a ‘coup’ and so the usual wine style glass seems to be a safe bet.

To get find out more about our wedding case discounts, our free glass hire, free delivery, and our sale-or-return policy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can drop in and see us in Monkstown, give us a call on 01 280 0405 or send an email to – we’d love to help.